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, heft is alone's political heft is balanced by the financial hub of frankfurt, or the industry of munich. we are the odd one out. in fact, among other major capitals, only mosque or a fence for a greater share of national product in london. this imbalance is getting crazy. we live ina imbalance is getting crazy. we live in a country where are the property values in london's top ten boroughs are worth more than all of northern ireland, scotland and wales combined. where you can sell a three bed semi in ilford and by half of sutherland. where the economy is further boosted by enough civil servants to fill wembley. it is time to fulfil the plans we set out an election this year. to give britain a shake and spread more of our union outside our capital. to see our great metropolitan cities have a larger share in the government of our country. to ensure a fast zero civil
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service and cultural bodies claimed to be uk institutions that they must be present across our whole united kingdom. to move more of the infrastructure, the people and the administration of our country, out of the capital and into the nation. and it is happening to degree already. more seven serversjobs going to my constituency in central edinburgh. the fantastic new museum in dundee. ready to show the best of scottish and british design. and here in manchester, the northern powerhouse, now showing the way ahead. but i want to see more. we need to see more. this government's industrial strategy is designed to boost grooves and places across all four nations of our united kingdom. it is reviewing various agencies based in london to see which ones could be ready to move. i want us to seize the opportunity to ensure that more of them come to scotland. and, conference, here is the bottom line.
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the success of our union cannot and should not be measured by the fact that the alternative has failed, that the alternative has failed, that separation is a busted flush. the success of our nation must be measured via our determination to always improve, to go the extra mile, to refuse to accept the status quo is given and by being restless the change. by recognising that thousands of our fellow countrymen and women no longer see this country as theirs, and by seeking not to shun or dismiss them but to answer them with action and that must be oui’ them with action and that must be our task as we go forward from co nfe re nce our task as we go forward from conference this week. in government across the uk, we must be united behind our prime minister, determined to face the challenge of the future. to tackle injustice, to be the ladder, to create real social cohesion. and in opposition in scotland we must be ready to change and to win. because i don't know
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about you, but after ten years of snp government, it seems to me like it is time for a new broom. applause and let's face it, that won't be laid. they swapped their leaders in scotland that ron's director of communications feel sorry for them! —— trump's director of communications. but we are serious about restoring scotland's reputation as the education capital of the world, about boosting our productivity to get scotland's economy firing again. and we're serious about running government in scotland that just gets on with the job for once. a government that you can trust to focus on the tough choices, to dump the tedious grievance politics and the competitor complaints. instead, to act as a grown—up partner with the
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reformed united kingdom, eager not just to better scotland but in so doing to better our wider nation to. and as a party, we are re—engaging with our roots. as teddy taylor once put it, we are notjust there for the people in the big houses, but for those who can clean their tenements step as well. that is the party we are building in scotland and across the uk. we are building a party that speaks the hopes of a nation as a whole, from ship workers in glasgow to software designers in dundee, car production in coventry to call centres in cardiff. a party that reaches out to every corner of the country with a level head and an open heart. and with a clear set of values. that strong families are the foundation of stable society, a good education is the key to a lifetime of opportunity, that everybody should have a safe and secure home.
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that there should be a job for everyone who wants to work and the pay should be fair. these are the things i believe in and i know believe you believe in them too. it is time for us to unite and fight. unite and fight for the union of our nation, for the security people want, for the prosperity families need, for the future how young people deserve. unite and fight for this country that we are so proud to serve. thank you. applause the leader of the scottish conservatives, ruth davidson, they're delivering her conference speech. to loud applause, as you can see. a rousing the troops kind of speech. she talked about bursting the corbyn bubble and also called for unity. she is a unionist and a remain. and said what was needed now
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was confronting difference, and that a different tone was needed. we can go back to manchester now and our chief political correspondence who was watching the speech. and her message there, unite and fight. and i think that is one of the themes of this conference. them talking about being united but also remembering that although it was a disappointing result for the conservatives, obviously they did win the election and it is about taking their next step in putting out offers to maybe attract younger voters. let's discuss this. this is the home office minister brendan lewis. an assessment today of the general election, part of what they need to do is about organisation and making sure the grassroots are involved. it is also about coming up with the idea is that the younger generation. do you think you have those answers? i think we do and i think you'll see the next few days is us outlining a series of things we wa nt is us outlining a series of things we want to do in government, exactly
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as theresa may outlined last year, how we deliver further all generations and all parts of the uk, a couple of clear announcements today showing we want to do what we can for families and young people to have a chance to own their own home, and other hundred 35,000 people and families and recognising the challenge students say they have around university fees and scrapping that planned increase and decrease in the threshold. directing is to help young people at university. when it comes to help to via, a big expansion of that scheme. isn't the problem is that there is a lot of demand but there aren't enough homes? and it isn'tjust a conservative government, but previous governments haven't built enough housing. let's remember the background we came from. labour left us background we came from. labour left us with the lowest level of house building since 1923. we got that back up, 220,000 new homes to live in last year but there is still more to do. what helped by has done is it
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drives up supply because it gives the builders the confidence that the market is there. instead of having a psychical nature that we saw under labour, we actually get a market delivering more homes. and making sure people get the chance to afford to open a home of their own. there is the question of leadership. it has been talked about and will be talked about throughout the week, ruth davidson called for unity, i think she means within the party as well. what you do about people like borisjohnson who clearly well. what you do about people like boris johnson who clearly still wa nts to boris johnson who clearly still wants to be heard and many people think is positioning for the leadership? we are a broad church and have a long tradition of people with a low wider range of views. at the core in the heart of it and ruth rightly outlines is we all get on with ourjobs and focal and delivering the people whether it is myjob, ms greening talking about young people and the best possible
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education, we get on delivering the people across the country. but there are many mps who don't believe theresa may can still be leader going into the next general election, which could be four years away. let's look at where we could be for years. i think theresa may is the person to deliver a really good proxy city of brexit. looking at a globally out looking country with huge opportunities that come throughout. and at the same time to live and that social agenda of change to make sure we do have a country that works for everyone. that is a platform any promised would want start on. she has got that agenda. she talked about it. but it is drowned out by the all—consuming topic of brexit and in parliament particularly there will be legislation going through. you can't get away from it. it is a huge change in the country. it is hard talk about anything else. brexit will be a key issue. one of the biggest issues of my generation and the country will see the decades. that is why we have a prime minister
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in theresa may who is the right person to get the right deal. and get it out there making sure we get a deal that is good for the uk and works for our partners across europe. thank you. a lot to talk about at the conference, a lot of people talking about what other policies they can come up with to try and attract more voters and i think is ruth davidson was saying, her message is don't write the party off. she is fearful that people are not being optimistic enough, that they are already rolling over and conceding too much ground to labour. vicky, many thanks. a man has been shot dead by the french army, after killing two women with a knife in marseille. earlier i spoke to our paris correspondence. this was at the main railway station
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in the centre of marseille. there was a man in his late 20s who brandished a large knife and attacked two women, one in her 20s, one in her 405, and attacked two women, one in her 205, one in her 405, and killed them both, i one in her 405, and killed them both, lam one in her 405, and killed them both, i am sorry to say. one had her throat cut and the other was stabbed to death. the man was then shot by soldiers who were patrolling in the station, as they patrol in stations across france and other public places as part of the emergency measures here. he was shot, did not die immediately, they manage to handcuff him, but he died shortly afterwards. the important thing to note is that this is being treated asa note is that this is being treated a5 a terrorist incident to the extent that the terrorist branch of the prosecutor's office in paris has taken charge of the investigation, which means they think it is a terrorist attack. there are reports the man shouted allah hu akbar before launching his attack. we do
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not know more than that. there is no point in speculating too much about who this man is or what he did or what his motivation was. what i will say is that in the last months there have been a steady pace of attacks carried out by people who are on the face of it loners, some of whom would be described as having mental problems of one kind or another, but who seem also to have come under the influence of islamist propaganda. spanish riot police have clashed with voters in catalonia as they try to stop an independence referendum from taking place. the mayor says more than 400 people have been injured. the catalan leader has condemned what he called police brutality after rubber bullets and batons were used. tonight's football match between barcelona and las palmas will be played behind closed doors because of the disturbances. gavin lee is in barcelona. this is where three years of talks, as the spanish government sees it,
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this is the fight for the ballot box in catalonia. it is becoming ugly. spanish police smashed their way into a polling station this morning. they are using batons, rubber bullets and force to keep back voters who get in their way. after how the spanish guard treating us, he says, breaking in, stealing computers and treating the way they did, we are going to take the ballot outside so all can vote. the spanish government has insisted they are behaving in accordance with the law. that a breakaway vote for a region the size of belgium cannot go ahead. many voters here dismiss that. they have no choice after seeing the massive seeing amount of people wanting to vote, about 80% of the population of the country. the legality here, i think we are over legality. it is about freedom and democracy.
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this is exactly what the catalan government hoped for. bringing the power of politics to the street, illegal or not, people have queued up since friday. the police have been and gone and across catalan the numbers are growing. that is what this is about. legitimate or not it is turnout that counts. translation: the last seven years the government said say no. and now we the people organised to vote and they send thousands of police and suppress citizens here peacefully waiting to vote. calls for independence in catalonia have been building for decades. the young and old have taken to the streets. but there are many others who will stay at home, not wanting to see the region split. those voting had been told if large numbers vote overwhelmingly for yes, independence could be declared in 48 hours. both sides claim they
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have the right to act, and neither are backing down. and live to barcelona now for the latest. right now this is on the outskirts of one of the suburbs in barcelona. this is a middle—class area, a well—heeled suburb. this is area, a well—heeled suburb. this is a community centre and around us hundreds of if not one or 2000 people stretching all the way around the block. the police have been two other centres, there have been flashes of irelands, people are pulled away being told it is illegal. the spanish government said they are in their rights to be proportionate. we have seen rubber bullets and bat and i5 proportionate. we have seen rubber bullets and bat and is used. the cata la n bullets and bat and is used. the catalan health magistrates say 465
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people have been injured and treated in hospital. so for the police have not been here. inside the polling station, with the ballot boxes the volu nteers station, with the ballot boxes the volunteers say they have a contingency plan. if the police come to seize the boxes and stop voting they will try to hide them. i will try to speak to some people. do we have some voters? tell me why you are here and why you want to go today. i decided i have to be here because i think it is right and because, it is something that is easy to understand for me and it is about showing people what we want and what we deserve, maybe. i am here now because we don't want to to have police here taking our boxes.
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you have seen the atmosphere is elsewhere, the police have come with force, they say it is illegal. are you scared the police will come here... you could be moved away very quickly. of course i am quite scared but i also think we are strong enough to protect ourselves and to protect our desire and our belief. i don't know. how would you describe the atmosphere? i think it is kind of, we are calm, we are happy, but we are all so nervous and concerned about what is happening and quite worried. thank you for talking to me. come with me this way, not everybody wants to vote yes, not eve ryo ne everybody wants to vote yes, not everyone wants to vote. about 7.5
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million people in catalonia. 5 million people in catalonia. 5 million eligible to vote. the spanish government say they should not be voting. let's find an anti—referendum campaign. tell me, why it is so important for you that this does not happen today and give me your sense of this. it is important because i love spain, i love catalonia and i think catalonia and spain would be together for centuries and centuries. it is a very very rough way to demand it, to demand some in to rest, other interests. do you feel uncomfortable about what is happening today, about
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the future of this place and spain? yes. iam the future of this place and spain? yes. i am very sorry. thank you for talking to me. let's look around us again. this lady, like many others who do not want to vote, they hide away. some people have come out to vote and voted no. but we will see what the turnout is tonight. this is one of about 1000 polling stations which have not yet been close. others are still being closed. we still don't know not know how they will count the votes because the police are watching over the communication centre. polling closes at apm. if there is a high turnout, the catalonian president says they would call for independence in 48 hours. i extraordinary situation. many thanks. the headlines on bbc news: theresa may has promised that the whole system of university funding in england is to be reviewed. french soldiers have shot dead a man who stabbed to death two people
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outside the main railway station in marseille. the spanish government has defended the use of force by riot police sent to catalonia to stop people voting in a disputed independence referendum. sport now, and a full round up from the bbc sport centre. red bull's max verstappen has won the malaysian grand prix good afternoon. in a thrilling race in sa—pang. there was drama even before the race began, because kimi raikkonen's ferrari had a problem with its battery, which ruled him out of the race. lewis hamilton finished second — but extends his lead in the championship standings. nick parrott reports. on pole with his title rival sebastian vettel at the back of the grid, this race was lewis hamilton's to lose. but mercedes had struggled for most of the weekend in sepang and the briton's lead lasted just three laps. red bull's max verstappen charged through with the confidence of the multiple world
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champion he overtook. radio: that's how we do it! with verstappen no threat to hamilton's title ambitions, that wasn't too troubling. but vettel surging through the field was. the german repeatedly broke the lap record on his way to fourth place. victory was the perfect birthday present for verstappen, who turned 20 yesterday. radio: yes! woohoo! a great start to a new decade for you, well done. but it was a bittersweet day for vettel. a crash after the chequered flag damaged his ferrari, and repairing it could mean a grid penalty for him in next weekend's race in japan. it wasn't the result hamilton had hoped for either, but he still extended his championship lead to 34 points. nick parrott, bbc news. arsenal made it six wins and a draw in their last seven matches after a comfortable 2—0 win at home to brighton. nacho monreal scored his first arsenal goal in nearly five years, while alex iwobi got the second — on a special day for the club's manager.
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tim hague reports. arsene wenger has been coming into work here the 21 years today. against opponents brighton playing in the top flight the first time since 1984, there was no substitute for experience. the home side continued their fine recent form straightaway hitting the post inside a minute and the pressure kept coming with the ball being cleared off the line before eventually falling to monreal. biden have been fighting their feet over the last few weeks and almost found a fantastic equaliser. the brighton goalkeeper also had a busy afternoon. the second would come. a beautiful touch from alexis sanchez. the finish from iwobi wasn't bad either. they might have been more for arsenal, matt ryan again excellent with some help from his
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defended, but it ended 2—0. a decent 215t defended, but it ended 2—0. a decent 21st full of anger. don't party to ha rd 21st full of anger. don't party to hard tonight. —— 21st for arsene wenger. republic of ireland midfielder scored the only goal in the game, it i5 burnley‘s best start to a premier league season as they move to sixth in the table while everton six to 16. one other game in the premier league this afternoon, liverpool are at newcastle. a win would putjurgen klopp's side fourth in the table. that match kicks off in about 15 minutes time. —— about ten minutes. barcelona's la liga match is being placed behind closed doors following violent clashes in catalan. the spanish police attempted to close the polls the players came out wearing the catalonian flag in front of an empty
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stadium. they are into the second half now. it is stadium. they are into the second half now. it i51—0 to barcelona. jockey frankie dettori has won europe's richest horse race for a record fifth time. he rode the favourite enable to victory in the prix de l‘arc de triomphe title. it was a dominant performance from dettori and enable who led right from the start in chantilly. thejohn gosden trained philly was odds on with some bookmakers before the race. 25—1 cloth of stars came in second just ahead of ulysses ridden byjim crowley. that's all sport for now. there'll be more in the next hour. the low—cost travel company, monarch has been granted a 24—hour extension to its license to sell package holidays. it means travellers who book with the firm until midnight tonight will be covered for their trips. the airline is understood to be in talks to sell part or all of its short—haul operation, a5 simon cleminson reports. for almost as long as package holidays have been popular, there has been some form of
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protection in case businesses fail. the government scheme should ensure is that not only do you get a refund if you book ahead, but if you are already abroad, you can get home. companies need to prove they are financially robust to get a licence in the first place. under intense pressure from a weak pound and shrinking demand, monarch is trying to find a buyer for part or all of its shorthaul operation. it is engaged in talks with a large number of potential investors. a 24—hour licence extension means if the airline can continue selling in the charter market and customers will still be covered. they also needed a temporary licence last year. ultimately, 10,000 passengers already out of the could be affected. the civil aviation authority is thought to be working on backup plans, using other airlines for the return leg. it says it will provide daily updates. the airline says it continues to work on its future and flights operating as normal. with me now is our business
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correspondent, jo lynam. a24 a 24 hour extension. what is the latest? much less than 24 hours left. the talks are ongoing but they are fraught and it could go very much down to the wire as to what happens to the atoll or the package holiday part of the business because thatis holiday part of the business because that is what we are talking about now. the package business is about 596 now. the package business is about 5% of the total monica business. the rest is a low—cost airline. the danger is if for example they can't get their atoll licence renewed, that it could spark contagion, people might lose confidence in the rest of the airline. this is now a perfect storm for the short—haul travel business. egypt and turkey we re travel business. egypt and turkey were two huge markets further monarch before terror attacks
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reduced upmarket almost zero and the foreign office discouraged people from travelling directly there. instead they are competing on the traditional markets of spain, portugal, greece, italy, but there are already many companies operating in those markets so it is tough to compete, prices are pushed down which means profits are as well which means profits are as well which means profits are as well which means airlines are struggling. this is the market that monarch i5 operating in as it heads into the winter schedule. thank you. an air france flight from paris to los angeles carrying more than 500 people was forced to make a sudden diversion when it lost part of an engine over the atlantic. the plane flew for about an hour on three engines before it reached goose bay airport in eastern canada. no one was injured in the incident, but passengers remained on board hours after the landing. a 17—year—old boy has been charged with several offences, in connection with two incidents
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on the m3 last month. the second incident last weekend caused travel chaos, as officers shut a section of the motorway for most of the day. oj simpson has been freed on parole after nine years in prison. the former us football star and actor was approved for release injuly. he has been serving jail time for armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and ten other charges following a confrontation in las vegas in 2007. ten days after puerto rico was devastated by hurricane maria, the situation in the american territory remains desperate. the entire island is still without power and there's a shortage of drinking water, food and fuel. there's also deepening political tension over relief efforts. while much—needed aid is now arriving, president trump has continued to angrily defend the us response on twitter. the governor of puerto rico gave this update. our priorities at this juncture, keeping food delivery, delivery of
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gas, making sure that the hospitals are working, making sure that we get more hospitals online and that they get their diesel and their fuel. establishing as best a mechanism for robust communication, whether it be telecoms or otherwise and the air traffic control so that we can get more assets here in puerto rico. the government is also working in conjunction and collaboration with fema. our housing department, the office of the first lady, the family department are also doing efforts to distribute food and water in different areas in puerto rico and we are coordinating all of the logistics with fema so that we can make sure that they arrive at their destination. the governor speaking.
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time for a look at the weather. aduu time for a look at the weather. adult and damp sunday with something brighter arriving later across the west but it is getting windy a5 brighter arriving later across the west but it is getting windy as we go through the night and into monday. a lot of places dry overnight but showers in western scotland, northern ireland and northern england. wind picking up across the uk. a very blustery start to monday. the scotland, northern ireland, northern england, gales perhaps severe in exposure, gu5t5 of 50 to 60 miles brow. showers across the western side of scotland. some travel disruption a5 a result perhaps. the odd shower to north wales, the north midlands but many southern areas will stay dry until we see some outbreaks of rain running into south—west england towards the end of the day. other coastal counties across the south.


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